History of Bombardier

In 1942 Armand Bombardier founded the manufacture of snowmobiles. The company received his name, Bombardier. Today it's a huge concern taking the third place in the world on the volume of manufacture of airplanes for civil aviation.

Bombardier model series of business class consists of Learjet, Challenger and the airplane for long distance flights Global Express, For regional transportations Canadian Regional Jet (50-seater CRJ 100 and 200, and 70-seater CRJ 700) and turbo-prop airplanes DASH-8 of various series: 37-seater Q100 and Q200; 50-seater Q300 and 70-seater Q400 are intended. For the last 15 years Bombardier invented 15 models of airplanes.

In 1999 Bombardier was structurally organized into four basic groups: Bombardier Recreational Products (snowmobiles and water motorcycles), Bombardier Capital (financial support of projects), Bombardier Aerospace (aircraft manufacturing), Bombardier Transportation (construction of railway transportation). The group of the companies received the main income from the latter two business-units.

Today the situation is not changed. According to the reports the company proceeds for the third quarter of 2004 made $3.6 billion; from them $1.9 billion comes to Bombardier Transportation (construction of railway transportation) and $1.6 billion - to Bombardier Aerospace (aircraft manufacturing).

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