Aircraft Mechanic Schools

If you are good with your hands and want to find a job that pays well, you should look into becoming an aircraft mechanic.
The easiest route to a job in this field is to enroll in an aircraft mechanic school.
There are approximately 170 aircraft mechanic schools in the country that are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and prepare students for oral and written aircraft mechanic certification examinations.

Top Aircraft Mechanic Schools

San Joaquin Valley College

San Joaquin Valley College
Graduates of MIAT are in high demand in more than just the Aviation Industry!

FAA-Certified Schools Offer Excellent Aircraft Mechanic Training.
In aircraft mechanic school, students learn to inspect, diagnose, and repair aircraft systems such as engines, propellers, brakes, and landing gear.
This aircraft mechanic training usually lasts around 18-24 months, as the FAA requires that students log in at least 1,900 hours of class time.
This time requirement is actually more stringent for those who want to earn an aircraft mechanic certification without going to school.
Those who learn on the job as mechanic's assistants generally have to log in 30 months of work before qualifying to take the certification examination.
For this reason, going to school can save you some time in addition to providing you with thorough aircraft mechanic training.

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