History of Boeing 757. Part 2.

The latest airplanes were equipped with more high-power engines. The feature of the 757 program was simultaneous development of wide-fuselage airplane 767 which was also considered as a highly economic airplane of new generation. By their development Boeing decided to use a unified onboard and electronic systems, in particular common cockpit. Except for passenger aircraft a freight airplane 757-200PF is issued for transportation of freights up to 38 tons. The latter is differentiated by lateral cargo door 3.4 x 2.19 m. In the cabin of the airplane transportation of up to 15 pallets is possible.

Boeing 757-200 Pratt-Whitney has also a modification of the airplane with the engines Pratt-Whitney PW2037. Pratt-Whitney Co in the second half of the 70s started the development of new engine under designation JT10D-4 for the future airplanes of 150-160 seats. Further the engine was offered for airplane 7N7 which later received a designation 757. Since the Rolls-Royce engine (England) appeared earlier, the first serial airplanes were produced with these engines. The first flight of 757-200 with PW2037 took place on March 14, 1984. In late October, 1984 it was certificated, and in early November Delta Air Lines received the first airplane.

Now the airplanes are equipped with PW2040 engines. One airplane is converted into a flying laboratory for optimization of avionic complexes for a perspective fighter Lockheed Martin F-22 "Raptor". In September, 1996 at the international aerospace exhibition in Farnborough (Great Britain) Boeing announced the beginning of development of 757-300. It was differentiated from initial model by the fuselage extended at 7.1 m (therefore the maximal number of seats was increased up to 289), greater take-off mass of 122 tons and the range of 6500 km. The deliveries of 757-300 were planned to 1999. The first customer became the German company Condor which purchased 24 aircrafts.

The aircraft is equipped with EFIS avionic digital complex from Rockwell-Collins, having six color multipurpose displays. The similar complex is applied in Boeing 767.

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