Aeromaccihi SF260

Airplane SF260 was created by an Italian engineer Stelio Frati and was admitted to flights in April, 1966. Frati had already a good reputation of designer capable to create airplanes which allowed much at small power. In 1955 Frati created Falco, a single-engine light two-seat flight airplane made of timber, which became the prototype of SF260. Falco allowed to gain speed of 210 knots, despite of small power engine of 160 hp. In 1966 Frati constructed a metal version of Falco equipped by more powerful engine Lycoming 260, which actually became SF260.

Since then twenty seven countries have purchased more than 1000 airplanes for trainings air forces pilots. About hundred such airplanes (both new and used) were imported into the USA. The airplane was imported from the USA under Waco Meteor mark. The remaining aircrafts are used as airplanes of pilot training in NATO forces, and are also applied in military actions, basically in the developing countries.

Many airplanes found civil owners. However, one ought to remember that missiles and machine guns can be suspended on pylons. In spite of the fact that it's a single-engine airplane with reciprocating engine, it behaves in the air like a small jet. An interesting feature of the airplane is the option to perform air aerobatics with full tanks.

Till now the airplanes are used for trainings pilots both in military, and in civil aviation.

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